Welcome to the Nof HaGalil

The story of Nof HaGalil begins in December 1956, with the arrival of the first pioneers to the region, responding the first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion’s call to populate the Galilee.

The new community was given the temporary name of "Kiryat Nazareth" and was later renamed "Nazareth Illit" - Upper Nazareth. In 2018, as part of a wave of renewal in the City, it was given its new permanent name - "Nof HaGalil". The name was confirmed by a referendum among residents and was later published in the State Gazette.

Today, Nof HaGalil has about 45,000 residents

Nof HaGalil occupies an area of approximately 3,300 hectares and serves as a District City and as the Capital of the Galilee. It is home to all Northern District government offices, State Attorney's Office, the Public Defense, the Court Hall and the Government District.

The City is experiencing a wave of development and urban renewal in all areas of life. 

Projects in the hundreds of millions of shekels have been carried out in the City in recent years.

Alongside this tremendous development, the City offers large-scale residential projects currently under construction, which include 2,200 housing units planned by the Israel Land Authority, as well as over 2,000 housing units planned by the Ministry of Construction and Housing. In addition to these new development projects, the City is promoting plans for renewal of older neighborhoods as well as a long-term rental project as part of the City's urban renewal processes.

In the field of education, Nof HaGalil is one of the leading cities in northern Israel both in high-school graduation performance and in school growth and development indicators (Meitzav tests). All schools in the City, both primary and secondary, operate as smart schools and enjoy innovative learning spaces, unique curricula, and personal empowerment.

As for the variety of entertainment, culture, and leisure activities, the City boasts a modern and attractive recreation complex, which includes a heated swimming pool, spa facilities, a sports center, and a range of classes. Residents can enjoy two City-owned, reduced-cost cinemas, neighborhood parks, and an urban park nearing completion which includes an amphitheater, a petting zoo, a planetarium, and high-quality recreational spaces for residents to enjoy during their free time.

As for industry, the City is currently welcoming large-scale high-tech enterprises which are gradually taking up space at the "Tziporit" high-tech district, offering high-quality employment opportunities for current and future residents.

In the fields of infrastructure and transportation, the City is promoting the Light Rail project from Nof HaGalil to Haifa, as well as Road 786 to the "Tziporit" district.

Nof HaGalil serves as a main economic and commercial metropolitan hub which offers large shopping and commerce centers where a vast range of coffee shops, restaurants, and brand retail stores can be found.

Nof HaGalil is a green, environmentally-friendly City which, through its daily habits, promotes environmental protection values: solar panels, underground trash bins, LED street lighting, and public transportation services ranked first nationally.

Nof HaGalil is surrounded by green spaces. The City is located at an altitude of 585 meters above sea level and enjoys a clean and well-groomed appearance all year long - A City of Heights!