Nof HaGalil was founded in 1956 and has since been receiving immigrants from all corners of the world, promoting their integration and ensuring all of their needs: residence, employment, education and social life.
A department engaging in immigration and integration operates in the municipality, with extensive experience in assisting and settling new immigrants. The department ensures close, personal assistance for the entire immigrant family from the day of landing. This includes help finding an apartment, employment, filling forms for the various government offices, integration of children into the education system, and ensuring all rights to which an immigrant is entitled. In addition, the department organizes various activities, such as guided tours around the country, lectures in a variety of fields, meetings, and activities for immigrant youth. In addition, the department provides Hebrew lessons through a Hebrew center established for this purpose (in addition to the Ulpan).
The immigration department connects various service providers, including:

- A network of community centers providing culture events, classes, and various leisure activities for children and adults.
- “HaMitcham”, which serves as a leisure and sports center for all residents.
- “The Sports NGO”, which provides sports classes of various types to children, youth, and adults.

During their first year, immigrants are entitled to discounted participation in these activities.
The department collaborates with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, the Jewish Agency, Nefesh Be Nefesh, and the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews, to promote the city among Jewish communities around the world, helping to settle immigrant groups from France, Argentina, India, Ethiopia, the former USSR, and the USA.
The municipality and the immigration department ensure that no arriving immigrant feels alone.