Youth center

The youth center for development of human resources is an important resource for fulfilling the potential of local youth in the areas of career development, businesses, higher education, military service, community development, and social involvement, with professional services provided to every young person. The objective is to connect the city’s youth to the community and encourage their contribution to society.

Pseifas Community Center in Nof HaGalil

The Pseifas chain of community centers is the operational branch of the municipality, and it works in collaboration with the Israel Association of Community Centers.
The chain organizes large-scale social events, a variety of activities across the city in 6 community centers, festivals, ceremonies, and special event days. In addition, the chain operates a cinema, a library, learning centers, performances and plays, classes, summer camps and a conservatory.
Pseifas vision is to serve as a space for creating a connection and a common language, while maintaining the city’s diversity and cultural expression, and promoting renewal and innovation in the community, encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship and boosting local pride.

The municipality of Nof HaGalil is the only district in Israel operating two municipal theaters (a small hall, and a large auditorium), screening new films at Cinema City (a collaboration of the municipality and the cinema). The auditorium has a cinema hall for all ages, screening premiere films, blockbusters and documentaries in various languages, including Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Russian.


An NGO for senior citizens established in 1983 to provide services for the benefit of the elderly, to help them remain within their community. This NGO provides services that assist the senior citizen in all areas of functioning, from services for independent, functioning elders, to complex nursing situations.
The services provided by Alma are:
- Nof HaEmek - a government care home.
- Professional home - nursing service.
- Day centers operating until evening hours, including for neurodivergent persons.
- A dental clinic specializing in treating various populations.
- Supporting neighbors - a service aimed at providing safety and security to senior citizens in their homes, as well as culture and leisure clubs, sports and health promotion, public protected accommodation for persons granted with this service by the Ministry of Housing, and volunteering activities for independent senior citizens.
- A unique employment and information center (consultation and guidance) with a variety of community projects.