Nof HaGalil is the city of festivals. The city’s biggest festival is the International Chocolate Festival, which takes place every year on Sukkot. This sweet festival lasts three days (entrance free of charge) and includes a variety of sweet attractions for the enjoyment of the kids and the entire family. In addition, the beer festival and the international folk festival take place each summer.

The municipality of Nof HaGalil has made its a goal to develop and empower the various sports activities in the city, both in terms of casual and competitive sports. Our goal is to encourage each and every one of the city’s residents to fulfill their personal sports potential with a wide variety of options at all levels. Sports is a way of life. We believe that sports activities contribute not only to health and personal wellbeing, but also to instilling values that empower the individual and the community; such as personal excellence, self-discipline, mutual respect, teamwork, consideration for others, and acceptance of others. In pursuing the city’s renewal ambitions, various sports and gym centers were established in town, including a football stadium, walking and biking trails, fitness facilities, basketball courts, and more. in addition, a sports NGO operates in the city, providing classes and sports activities for children, youth, and adults.


Residents of Nof HaGalil can enjoy our urban health and spa sports center, which includes a heated pool, dry and wet saunasand a summer pool for toddlers.  "HaMitcham" operates during all days of the week, with enrichment, sports and art classes. The cost is subsidized for city residents.

Sports Stadium

Nof HaGalil prides itself on its high-quality urban stadium, which meets the highest standards for international football games and the Israeli premier league. The facility includes a multi-purpose, five-story building for conferences and sporting events.