Attractions in Nof HaGalil

Urban Park
Nof HaGalil’s flagship project is an urban park with a variety of attractions and opportunities for high-quality leisure for the entire family. The park includes a contemporary amphitheater overlooking a breathtaking view, a petting zoo, a decorative ecological lake, a planetarium, a rollerblading court, a musical garden, an astronomical observatory, a botanical garden, an omega facility, and more.

City of Nature
Nof HaGalil is the nature and landscape city of the Galilee region. Two thirds of the city’s area consist of greenbeltswoods and spectacular nature reserves. The city is full of lush greenery, and residents enjoy green space and fresh air in the residential neighborhoods too – it’s a country life in the city. At an elevation of 573 meters above sea level, the weather is cool and comfortable during all seasons of the year, and even on hot August days there is a pleasant breeze.

The Nazareth Iris
The Nazareth Iris is one of the city’s symbols, having a brief bloom period of only three weeks in the springtime. This beautiful flower, with white petals and brown spots against a purple background, blooms in clusters in the nature reserves, all at a walking distance from town.

The Great Synagogue
The Great Synagogue in Nof HaGalil exhibits the peak of Israeli architecture, giving a fresh interpretation to the Jewish institution. The Synagogue was designed by architect Nahum Zolotov, god rest his soul, and resembles a gigantic spaceship made of concrete, steel, glass, and local stone. It is a prominent building with a flat ceiling and a traditional dome. It is constructed in the form of an inverted concrete dome surrounded by glass screen walls, creating an illusion of a dome floating in the air. The prayer hall covers 400 sqm, with a capacity of 500 persons.

Holocaust Museum
The Holocaust Museum is situated in front of the Great Synagogue, with thousands of items, documents, and exhibits donated by residents who survived the holocaust, and by other museums in Israel and abroad. A statue by the artist Yigal Tumarkin, created in 1965, rests in the Museum’s yard.

Strauss Chocolate Factory, Visitors Center
Nof HaGalil is a sweet city thanks to its chocolate factory, the largest one in the Middle East. The chocolate aroma fills the air during the early hours of the morning. The factory, which is adjacent to the municipal building on Menachem Ariav Avenue, offers a visitor center that allows adults and children above the age of 6 to watch the chocolate production process, and even have a taste.

Fun day at the mall? Yes, especially when it’s a shopping center with 11 elevators and a floor with restaurants and cafes. This is the largest food and recreation center in Nof HaGalil, with 2 levels that include a food court, home appliances, cosmetics, and affordable restaurants.