Projects Under Development

Kiryat HaMemshala – Government Quarter
Nof HaGalil is the city of governance. Its location in the heart of the Galilee, at the center of the North Region, promotes its identity as a northern city providing commercial and municipal services to the entire region, with branches of various government offices and courts. The construction of the new government quarter is nearly complete, and will serve as an extension of the government headquarters in Jerusalem. The new government offices will provide services to the residents of the city and the entire region. 

In January 2021, thec constructionof Nofit LRT (light rail) project began and upon its completion will transport passengers between Nof HaGalil and Haifa. The rail works are expected to continue for another six years, after which Nof HaGalil residents may board trains at their nearest LRT station (the city will have 7 stations in all), and within half an hour, arrive at Haifa; And if they wish, continue with the same ticket to Tel Aviv and the South. The light rail service will significantly shorten the distance from Nof HaGalil to the Central Region and upgrade the quality of life in Nof HaGalil.

Cable railway
A planned cable car will connect Nof HaGalil to Mount Tabor, serving as a tourist attraction for the city’s residents and all citizens of Israel, as well as foreign tourists. The cable car project was approved by a government resolution and is now in its advanced planning stages.