Education Department

37 kindergartens for children aged 3-6 operate in town, all open from 8:00 to 16:00. In addition, there are 4 Shalem kindergartens, operating between 8:00 and 17:00, as well as during school vacations until mid-August, at a subsidized rate.
All kindergartens enjoy rich educational activities: development of learning skills, a culture suite that includes dance, theatre, and music, enrichment centers in the field of science and music, enrichment centers in various fields of interest, and a complementary study day.
The kindergartens have an individualized care system with a dedicated care staff.

7 elementary schools operate in the city, each one specializing in its own field, as well as 5 governmental orthodox and ultra-orthodox schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 high schools.
All elementary and public schools have enrichment programs in various fields of interest, with a long school day up to 4th grade, where hot meals are served, and the students enjoy educational and enrichment activities.

The Youth Enhancement Unit, Hila, serves as a home to estranged youth who drop out of high school and are in need of support, assistance, guidance and consultation, to reintegrate into their peer group and society in general. In addition, the Youth Enhancement Unit assists youth having difficulties in their educational institutions, in terms of social, emotional and personal needs, and acts to help prevent them from dropping out in the first place.

Jewish National Fund - Kakal
The Kakal’s acceleration program is a unique project for encouraging and developing excellence among youth in the peripheral regions and developing young leadership. The program’s audience are Generation Z high school students with motivation to succeed, and who need opportunities and resources for this purpose.
The program includes extra study hours for 10th-12th grade students, aimed to help them advance toward their university goals. The studies take place in small classes with professional teachers and the personal assistance of tutors. The program also promotes informal education, with social gatherings, lectures, and activities for strengthening values and increasing involvement in the community.
The organization’s three-story building is accessible to persons with disabilities and includes an open compound on the ground floor, classrooms on the upper levels, a computer laboratory, an auditorium for screening movies and lectures, and offices for the management and educational coordinators. A special area in the building is dedicated to community and leisure activities, with sitting corners, video games, and a space for social events. The facility was designed in a young, innovative style, with cheerful colors, wall paintings, and a variety of technical innovations to help train youth for the 21st century market. The building’s façade is decorated with a 9-meter mural by the artist Hillel Lazarov.

Nof HaGalil Technology College

Nof HaGalil Technology College was founded to train and empower workers destined for the technology and high-tech industries in Israel, specifically in the North. The college campus is a large, renovated facility, with laboratories and workshops equipped with the most advanced technical equipment. All classes are smart classes fit for distance learning. The campus is located at the center of town, next to the main culture center and sports center.  An LRT (light rail) station is planned for this area. The college includes an engineering school and a unit for external studies - courses and professional training. Upon the completion of studies, the students receive a diploma from the Government Institute for Technology and Science Training, and a graduation certificate from Nof HaGalil Technology College and/or a professional certificate from the Ministry of Labor or a certificate of the Accountants Association.

The study tracks of the Practical Engineering School are:
- Architecture and interior design
- Electrical engineering
- Machine engineering - mechatronics
- Civil engineering
- Industrial and management engineering - manufacturing systems
- Software engineering
- Medical engineering - medical equipment
- Technical preparatory college