Nof HaGalil’s Community Integration Department provides consultation and guidance services for job seekers, including placement and assistance. This is in addition to locating employers and connecting them with local job seekers.
The city has several industrial areas with leading companies, such as the candy factory Strauss Elite, the food additives company Superb, and RH electronics.
In addition, Nof HaGalil hosts Tziporit, a large industrial park located only 15 minutes from the city’s residential neighborhoods. Tziporit is home to 40 factories and large companies in various fields, both in low-tech and in the knowledge-based and high-tech industry. The park is experiencing - solid growth, with a large number of high-tech companies, including Solar Edge, which is under American ownership and is traded on the NASDAC, and Inter-Electric, a leading company in Israel in the field of energy and infrastructure. Tziporit offers a wide variety of employment opportunities for residents of Nof HaGalil.